Are we in an era of economic & technological stagnation?

This post needs to be developed further: Great ideas from podcast notes

Interesting ideas from a new podcast, The Portal I hadn't heard before:

We are in an era of economic stagnation.

  • definitely I've heard this one, but there are more facts and figures to look up:

an era of technological stagnation

Go into a room and subtract off all the screens. How do you know you are not in 1973 but for design? There aren't that many clues.

  • The idea that we are in an era of a dizzying sense of change is unfounded.

an era of institutional / educational stagnation

  • Student loans are an issue. With the magnitude of loans you are forced to take less risk.
  • There was a new student loan policy that made student loans unforgiveable. At age 65 Social Security will garnish your wages to pay off your loans

    • this also may have given Educational Institutions further leeway / incentive to raise tuitions
  • Institutions push back against change.
  • University presidents are no longer great thinkers. They are simply great administrators.