Scott Gottlieb's Coronavirus Projects

The full article is here.

Key takeaways:

  1. Just like I said the other day the CDC had NO sufficient testing for Coronavirus in particular. No wonder we didn't see this coming. Here he is talking about changes we should make for the future:

The other thing you’re going to want is an extremely robust surveillance system. You’re going to want a system that basically looks at people who present with influenza-like illness but who test negative for the flu. And you then test their samples to see what they have. We currently do that. We have a surveillance system distributed throughout multiple cities and we take a certain number of samples—it’s a small amount—it’s not tens of thousands but thousands and we test them for other things to see what is circulating in the population. We also do that to try to have an early detection in case, like, a pandemic flu stream is circulating. But we don’t do it for this novel coronavirus and we don’t do it on a mass scale.

As an aside a company like Fulgent Genetics could perform this surveillance via Next Generation Sequencing.

  1. Similar to other major industries (like Semiconductors) outsourcing your Pharmaceutical supply chain to potentially hostile states like China could have dire consequences:

I think that is a point of concern. I think there is a real risk that we see a series of drug shortages out of what is going on globally. The FDA has talked about twenty sole source drugs from China that are at risk because they are only produced in China. I think the list of drugs that could be at risk is much larger than that