The initial sources for how we built this blog


yarn run deploy

Github pages:

~~We used the method detailed within Jared Nielsen's blog. The only change we made was that we deploy to the gh-pages branch rather than the deploy branch. All we had to do was change the deploy: script: within package.json so that the deploy branch is gh-pages rather than deploy:

"scripts": {
    "deploy": "gatsby build --prefix-paths && gh-pages -d public -b gh-pages"
  <!-- gh-pages is an npm library that publishes files to whichever branch you want -->

Within our repo we also had to change the GitHub Pages settings source to gh-pages branch, here



Netlify will auto-deploy. We currently set netlify auto-deploy to run from the public folder on the master branch. Compared to the gh-pages deploy method we had to allow the public folder in .gitignore Deploy steps:

  1. make whatever code changes you want
  2. yarn run deploy - this adds the deployed code to the public folder locally
  3. git commit -a -m 'commit message'
  4. git push
  5. netlify auto-deploys from there

Initial coding

We used the gatsby-blog started and then added the packages from the Gatsby Tutorials so that we could add some better styling and add markdown to our blog. The packages we added were:

  1. gatsby-source-filesystem
  2. gatsby-transformer-remark
  3. gatsby-plugin-emotion
  4. gatsby-plugin-typography
  5. gatsby-transformer-sharp