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Crisis Management in the year 2020

From Chernobyl to the Coronavirus

Paraphrasing: The Soviets & the CCP are both hiding critical details from the world and their own citizens. For the Soviet Union it resulted in the independence of Ukraine. What will happen in China?

Might the coronavirus bring freer speech to China?

Houston Astros apologize to everybody – and nobody – at the same time

They can't seem to admit that they were wrong and as a result the crisis just keeps brewing: "'Whatever we’re saying, we’re saying to everybody,' said 2017 AL MVP Jose Altuve, who joined third baseman Alex Bregman in making statements of apology before taking questions from reporters inside the Astros clubhouse. 'Alex and I, in our statements, we are not pointing, not selecting who we’re talking to.'"

More Hot-takes on the non-apology apology

Boeing 737 Max was 'designed by clowns who are supervised by monkeys'

Boeing slow-played the 737 Max crisis from the get-go.

Boeing reported that they had a fix in place in May 2019

Boeing's crisis may have started in 1997 with the merger with McDonnell Douglas

The McDonnell Douglas executives took control of Boeing after the merger and transformed the company from engineer-run to finance-run, focusing on cost-cutting rather than engineering & innovation. The 737 Max, a redesign of an older aircraft, is a microcosm of the issues this caused: "Writing in the engineering industry publication IEEE Spectrum, pilot and software developer Gregory Travis explains how these repeat redesigns have led to recent tragedies. The plane was designed for a time before machine-aided cargo loading and so sits low to the ground to aid ground crews hauling baggage. But as the planes grew larger, so too have their engines. Instead of being hung under the wing, as in earlier models, the engines have been moved forward and upward, potentially leading to an aerodynamic stall under certain circumstances. 'Instead of going back to the drawing board and getting the airframe hardware right, Boeing relied on something called the ‘Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System,’ or MCAS,' he writes. "