Productivity Tips from BJ Fogg

Nice, concise productivity tips from BJ Fogg

  1. After I sit down at my desk, I will put my phone on do not disturb mode.
  2. After I close my office door, I will organize one item that’s lying around.
  3. After I finish reading e-mail, I will close the e-mail browser tab.
  4. After I launch a new Word doc, I will hide all other programs running on my computer.
  5. After I find myself mindlessly browsing social media, I will log out.
  6. After I sit down at a meeting, I will write the title, the date, and the attendees at the top of my notes.
  7. After I notice a call going on for longer than expected, I’ll say this: “It’s been great to talk, but I need to wrap up. What haven’t we covered yet that’s important?”
  8. After I read an important e-mail, I will file it in a folder for the designated project.
  9. After I read an e-mail I can’t deal with immediately, I will mark it as unread.
  10. After I read an e-mail that’s time-sensitive, I will reply with this script: “Got it. I will review it in detail and get back in touch soon.”
  11. After I leave the office, I will think about once success from the day.
  12. After I walk in the door at home, I will hang my keys on the hook.